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Assessing Electric Vehicles by Brad York

For technicians and consumers, there are both benefits and drawbacks. We’ve all seen the news about the coming electric vehicle revolution, yet hype is one thing,…

Preparing for Winter by Brad York

There is no question that 2020 has proved to be one of the most challenging and disruptive years of recent times. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced…

From the Bay: Valuable Resources

When you face a difficult problem in the service bay, take advantage of the support that’s available.  For service providers and particularly the technicians working the…

From the Bay: Honest Assessments

Providing accurate analysis of when repairs are needed and why. Drips, leaks, “sweating” and “staining” are all common terms used in the automotive service repair industry.…

Embracing the Future

Harnessing the power of social media can reap big rewards long term. Today, social media has become a staple of communication. It’s something that every business…

Changing the Game

Today’s CRM solutions allow us to create transparency and trust like never before. Customer retention management has become one of the most consistent tools used in…

Turning Strategy

Prior to the early 1950s, power steering wasn’t offered on most passenger vehicles. It all changed when Chrysler introduced power steering on the 1951 Imperial as…

Benefit or Bane?

A convenience device can cause headaches on older vehicles. Often seen as an added convenience and sometimes a gift, remote starters can make life easier for…

Exhaust Systems: Still a Repair Staple

Despite advancements in both metallurgy and technology, exhaust systems are still a regular replacement item in most cases. You know the sound. That familiar ticking and…

Rethinking Refrigerants

A change is happening and our industry needs to adapt. In the aftermarket, we have and will continue to see a slow adaptation to the newest…


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