Nokian ONE HT Enters North American Market

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Nokian ONE HT Enters North American Market
The Nokian ONE HT all-season light truck and SUV tire has been specially developed for handling North American road conditions. (Photo: Nokian Tyres)

Nokian Tyres has announced that its latest premium all-season tire—the Nokian ONE HT tire—is now available for sale at all its retailers across the North American market.

Engineered for light-truck and SUV applications, the tire features new technology designed to deliver “comfortable, rugged and sustainable driving” on the roads of North America.

The tire is available with Nokian Tyres dealers who are offering it alongside other products from the company.

The tire has engineered as a safe and tough option for navigating the road conditions in North America. The company states in a release that the Nokian ONE HT tire has been tested in different places across the globe, including the Nokian Tyres winter test track in Ivalo, Finland, the backroads of South Africa, the heat of Texas, mountains of Utah and the urban downtowns of California. The tire has been tested for toughness, safety and sustainability during driving.

As a measure to aid the LT-metric versions of the tire in resisting road hazard damage, the tire features a new puncture-resistant shield—the Aramid Armor. The results of the tests conducted by Nokian Tyres have shown that embedding Aramid fibres underneath the tire’s tread enhances the durability of the tire. To damage the tires with Aramid Armor, road hazards will now have to be more forceful and penetrate further.

“The Nokian ONE HT offers safe, durable driving in all conditions,” said Steve Bourassa, Nokian Tyres Director of Products and Pricing. “We think North American drivers will love our latest effort to craft premium products that meet their needs.”

The Nokian ONE HT tire is also equipped with Aramid Sidewall technology, which is found in the company’s other recent light truck and SUV tire releases as well. This technology has been added to protect the tire from potholes and other obstacles that it will likely come across on rough roads and urban driving conditions. Embedded in its sidewall, Aramid fibres shelter the tire from rough external impacts.

For the required braking and handling performance on rainy conditions, the tire features multi-purpose sipes. Compared to the other light truck and SUV products released by the company previously, the new tire features a unique design that has a more conventional, truck-like structure. This, explains the company, makes the tire a suitable option even for dry roads.

Nokian Tyres has developed the ONE HT tire as a sustainable option. It has been made from a compound that does not contain harmful oils. The tire has low rolling resistance, making it a fuel-efficient option, states the company.

Nokian Tyres intends on doubling its North American sales between 2018 and 2023. The release of this new product is aligned with the company’s goal, as it continues to increase its production at its Dayton factory. The Nokian ONE HT will ultimately be produced here as the factory moves towards its full production capacity. The Scandinavian company states that the Nokian ONE HT tire will be primarily sold in North America.

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