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Michelin has announced that its Pilot Sport 4S* (PS4S*) has been selected by BMW as a 21-inch summer tire fitment for the automaker’s new high-performance X3 M and X4 M models, as well as the sole fitment for the global press launch of these vehicles.

The new BMW X3 M and X4 M Competition models are to be equipped with Michelin’s PS4S* 255/40ZR21 102Y front and 265/40ZR21 105Y rear ultra-high-performance tires.

The tires not only contain multi-compound tread patterns but also have an aramid-reinforced casing design. To indicate that they are homologated BMW fitments, the tires are star-marked (*).

The tire manufacturer enjoys a long-standing relationship with BMW M has designed tires for its other models on previous occasions. Michelin has worked jointly with BMW M for three years to bring out the PS4S* tires. In this period, the companies have tested  800 prototype tires and 1,400 production tires at the Nurburgring in Germany, and Miramas and Ladoux test tracks in France. The tests were conducted to ensure that the tires conformed to the standards and delivered the performance characteristics demanded by BMW M’s engineers.

Michelin’s tri-compound technology has been used in the front tires, whereas the rear tires are bi-compound. Multi-compound technology, which was first developed for endurance race tires, uses different types of rubber compounds on different parts of the tread for improved performance. According to Michelin, the rubber compound on the outer shoulder allows for better grip and wear resistance during cornering; the compound for intermediate ribs helps with optimization of steering and handling; and the inner shoulder has been designed to grip wet roads by breaking through water.

BMW M’s engineering team had requested Michelin to create the tire with special focus on dry performance, high grip levels, good track endurance and good balance on wet surfaces while retaining BMW M’s signature sporting feel at the steering wheel. As per the design brief, Michelin engineered the specific characteristics of the front and rear tires with only the tread pattern and the compounds.

In a release by the company, Michelin states that its PS4S* tires will allow the BMW M users to enjoy the drive experience, since the tires deliver maximum safety and long life even in extreme conditions of use. They are designed with a unique balance between grip, comfort, safety and driving enjoyment that meets BMW M’s exacting standards and makes it suitable for everyday road use.

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