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Galileo Wheel has announced that it is set to release the new Galileo SkidCup soon.

The new tire is the only one of its products to use the CupWheel technology to provide better grip, traction and efficiency besides extended machinery lifetime, increased comfort, and zero downtime with run flat capability.

When working in adverse conditions, skid-steer operators often face several challenges including inevitable delays that result from downtime and increased tread wear-out and subsequent financial losses. Galileo has designed the SkidCup tire to eliminate common drawbacks from skid-steer operation to ensure that machinery functions at a higher level for a longer time. Additionally, the tire offers greater comfort while driving and also helps in reducing maintenance costs.

Having almost double the footprint of other tires, the SkidCup provides better traction and grip for smoother operation and greater accuracy. This enables the tire to navigate well on all terrains. In a release by the company, Galileo states that the SkidCup tire guarantees decreased treadwear and safe “double V shape” side walls for extended tire life.

“The SkidCup Tire makes decreased performance and uncomfortable skid-steer operation a thing of the past,” says Avishay Novoplanski, CupWheel inventor and Chief Technology Officer at Galileo Wheel. “At Galileo Wheel, we put the highest value on user experience and efficiency. The SkidCup Tire helps skid-steer operators achieve more in their daily work while experiencing greater comfort. This is the first time that skid-steer operators will have encountered tires like this—Galileo Wheel has been developing this technology for years, and it does not disappoint.”

Skid-steer operators need not adjust their existing machinery as the new tire fits on all existing rims and skid steer platforms.

“As a business, we focus our resources on ensuring our products meet the high standards that operators and owners expect—as they should—of their everyday machinery,” adds Rami Einav, Marketing and Sales Director at Galileo Wheel. “The Galileo SkidCup Tire takes skid-steer operation to the next level, delivering a user experience that’s not just pleasurable but profitable.”

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