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Bridgestone Asia Pacific has launched its cloud-based Tirematics solution for fleet management.

With Singapore and Thailand as its piloting countries, Tirematics uses a combination of sensors and a cloud-based engine to enable real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature. The system also automatically alerts service managers and drivers via email or text when abnormal air pressure or temperature is detected. The system is also integrated Bridgestone’s Toolbox performance tracking software to deliver end-to-end asset management capabilities and analyze tire performance over time.

“Digital innovation is at the core of Bridgestone’s business, and through solutions such as Tirematics solution for yard management, we aim to deliver value to our customers by proactively anticipating and addressing their needs and expectations,” said Tao Yang, General Manager of commercial marketing department for Bridgestone’s Asia Pacific region. “We see great potential for Tirematics solution for yard management in Asia Pacific and expect to expand this solution gradually across the region in the coming months.”

Bridgestone said this technology should “positively impact our customers’ daily business operations through reduction of tire maintenance costs and occurrences of tire-related breakdowns.”

Tirematics has been in use in Europe since 2013 as part of the company’s fleet service program. Its launch in the Asia Pacific region comes with upgrades that aim to decrease cost and simplify tire service.

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