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Innovative tire is inspired by nature.

At Movin’On 2017, which took place in Montreal, Michelin introduced VISION, its concept tire, which is a concentration of technologies. This concept tire, which is airless, connected, rechargeable, customizable and organic, is both a wheel and a tire.

VISION is an organic tire. The materials used, which were both bio-sourced and biodegradable, minimized the tire’s environmental footprint.

It’s also the world’s first tire that recharges. With the aid of 3D printers, it is possible to use just the right amount of rubber on the tire and thus extend its life.

VISION is airless, relying instead on an interior architecture capable of supporting the vehicle, ensuring the solidity of the wheel and thus guaranteeing both comfort and safety.

Equipped with sensors, VISION provides real-time information about its condition.

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