Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Announces Release of TorCon 6L80

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Schaeffler's TorCon 6L80. Photo Schaeffler Automotive

Schaeffler, a pioneering force in the field of motion technology, announced the debut of its latest repair solution, the LuK TorCon 6L80.

As the sole offering of its kind, the LuK TorCon 6L80 is the only all-new, never-remanufactured torque converter available in the independent aftermarket.

With a design proven to last up to five times longer than rebuilt torque converters, the LuK TorCon 6L80 represents the company’s commitment to durability and performance. Unlike remanufactured options that demand a labour-intensive process of acquiring and stocking model-specific cores, the LuK TorCon 6L80 simplifies the process, requiring only a straightforward match to the transmission to save significant time and effort for customers.

Furthermore, Schaeffler offers a solution to the common issue of core returns and eliminates the risks associated with remanufactured parts such as blemishes created during service, ensuring superior quality and reliability.

Much more challenging to rebuild

“As technology improves and torque converter designs are changing, the torque converters in the transmissions of today are becoming much more challenging to rebuild. Therefore LuK is offering a complete assembly, with built-in quality that ensures a consistent performance in each unit,” says Rob Steinmetz, Product Manager. “Years ago, the LuK brand was first-to-market with new service clutch alternatives to the rebuilt options previously available in the aftermarket. Replacement clutches are now almost exclusively new, not rebuilt. The launch of our new, not rebuilt torque converters stands as a prime example of the company’s continued commitment to changing the landscape of the aftermarket.”

With industry-leading LuK friction material and INA premium thrust bearings free of plastic parts, durability is a guarantee even under the most demanding conditions. The fully furnaced brazed fins not only enhance heat dissipation but also prevent premature wear, ensuring longevity and reliability. The contamination-free manufacturing process is backed by rigorous 100% pressure and lockup testing, as well as precision balancing.

Schaeffler’s expertise in manufacturing OE torque converters allows it to capture several applications through a single SKU and offer complete assembly to create consistency throughout the ever-changing technologies of today. The TorCon 6L80 ( TC0017 24247371) is compatible with 2007-2020 GM trucks, vans and SUVs with a 5.3L, with a current VIO of 6,211,856, offering unmatched versatility.

Schaeffler remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards. In the coming months, the company plans to release additional SKUs as it continues to expand its product offerings.

For more information on the TorCon 6L80, click here.



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