Dayco Launches Synchronous Belt Line for Industrial Customers in North America

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New Dayco synchronous belts. Photo Dayco

Dayco introduced three synchronous belt drive products to the North American market which will offer coverage for all major industrial machines.

Available in early April, the three products round out a good, better, best approach so customers have access to the complete range of belts with different compounds and market applications.

Full line

HT POWER Belts – a complete offering with imperial and metric profiles for all major industrial applications. These belts offer high dimensional stability, high strength and good flex durability, as well as good shear, heat and oil resistance for a great performance-to-value ratio. The HT Power belt is designed to withstand temperatures in the range of -4◦F (-20°C) to 212°F (100°C).

HT POWER Plus Belts – a line of high-performance belts specially designed for applications requiring high load capability, low or high speeds and high operational safety. These reinforced belts offer high cohesive strength and are also abrasion, wear, oil, heat and humidity resistant. They can handle a wide range of temperatures from -4°F (-20°C) to 212°F (100°C), are tear resistant and provide low friction and noise.

HT POWER Carbon Belts – offering the best in shock load and temperature resistance, these belts are designed for a range of applications including roller chain replacement or V-belt conversion, pumps, high torque-low speed machines, as well as material handling equipment. Its belt structure has the best combination of advanced and innovative materials for the most demanding applications, providing high mechanical resistance of the belt and high precision meshing of teeth in the sprocket grooves.

Engineered with improved stiffness and designed to provide extreme resistance to mechanical stress, elevated temperatures and aggressive fluids and chemicals. With excellent dimensional stability, strength and flexibility, along with low noise and low friction, it is meant for high load performances, offering the highest temperature resistance, -22°F (-30°C) to 266°F (130°C).

Significant savings

“There is a growing shift in the industry toward synchronous belts, and not just because of their amazing performance characteristics,” said Kristian Campbell, Industrial Products Manager, Dayco N.A. “Our customers are seeing a number of benefits by upgrading their facilities’ belt drives to run synchronous belts. There are significant opportunities for energy and cost savings in doing so, especially when these companies spend hundreds of thousands on electricity every month.”

At a minimum, converting mechanical drives to synchronous belts saves approximately 5% in energy usage per drive. That’s because a chain or V-belt is at max 94% efficient compared to 99% for a synchronous belt.

Dayco is a major player in the industrial sector, supplying V-belts in single, banded and double-angle versions, as well as timing belts in imperial and metric specifications. For more on the new synchronous belt line, visit the industrial section of Dayco N.A.’s website.



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