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Group pictures of appointed, from left to right : Simon Bourque, General Manager; Isabelle Labrie, Vice President, Organizational Excellence; Andréanne Lepage, Director of Operations; Stéphan Guay, Président. Photo Transit

Transit President, Stéphan Guay, announced three important appointments to the company’s management.

Isabelle Labrie, Andréanne Lepage and Simon Bourque took up their new roles over the past few weeks.

Isabelle Labrie, new Vice-President, Organisational Excellence

Isabelle has been with Transit since 1997. She began in the finance department and went on to IT development before becoming Operations Director in 2018. As VP Organizational Excellence, she will oversee continuous process improvement.

“We’ve been relying on Isabelle’s insights for over 25 years. Her focus will now be on identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improving company processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs without compromising personnel well-being,” adds Mr. Guay.

Simon Bourque, new Chief Operating Officer

Simon has been with us since 2009. He began as Finance Director, where he played a key role in company development. He then went on to become Purchasing Director, during which time he helped improve our product availability rate by more than 5% to over 97%. He then went on to oversee several key departments within the company. As Chief Operating Officer, he will oversee the planning, organization and direction of all Transit activities.

“Simon has been with us for 15 years. He has become increasingly vital to our team over time. Simon’s skill, know-how and know-who are indubitable, and we trust that he will lead Transit to success and towards our mission objectives,” Mr. Guay adds.

Andréanne Lepage, new Operating Director

Andréanne joined the Transit team in 2019. She has an MBA in Manufacturing & Logistics Management and a Bachelor in Business Administration. She began as Procurement Supervisor and then went on to head the purchasing department. A specialist in logistics and procurement, Andréanne will actively oversee the improvement of automation efficiency.

“Andréanne already had solid experience in the field when she joined our ranks and will bring a fresh outlook and new solutions to the challenges we face, thereby driving Transit’s development even further,” concludes Transit’s president.

Surround yourself with the best to become the best

“The advent of warehouse automation, increased innovation, sector-wide process streamlining and accelerated company development, have prompted Transit to promote these high-calibre members to our management team. Transit has never been about just one person and never will be. We are a solid, competent team, which thanks to the quality of its members, has the power to develop the company beyond our wildest dreams. I don’t think that our management team has ever been this strong and efficient,” pursues Transit President, Stéphan Guay.



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