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New cutting-edge chassis, control arm, & wheel end repair solutions from Mevotech. Photo Mevotech

Mevotech, a North American market leader in the engineering, design and manufacture of aftermarket undercar replacement parts, announced the addition of 138 new part numbers in December. Mevotech is known for innovative and patented steering, suspension and wheel end repair solutions.

Wrapping up a strong Q4, the December release includes a series of industry firsts and innovative repair solutions from Mevotech’s top-tier TTX and Supreme lines. This expansion significantly enhances their coverage for domestic and import passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, SUVs, and EVs, up to model year 2023, providing the Professional Technician with more repair alternatives.

The latest release builds on Mevotech’s commitment to product durability with more engineered improvements to address common failure modes with the original equipment. X-Factor upgrades help improve performance and are featured on Mevotech TTX and Supreme replacement components. Moreover, the Labor Saver program enhances efficiency, saves time and increases product value right out of the box.

Key release highlights:

1-Front L/R Upper Control Arm

  • The TTX control arm body is engineered with a fully forged one-piece design, compared to the original equipment hollow stamped-steel. This significantly increases assembly strength and reduces stress on related components like bushings and ball joints.
  • Part service life is increased with the patented self-lubricating sintered Dynamic Control Bearing.
  • The patented adaptive boot lips and locking boot technology prevent contaminant ingress, offering superior protection compared to traditional boot seals. Streamlining the installation process, TTX includes all necessary replacement Repel-TEK coated hardware.
  • Popular Application: 2022-2019 Ford Ranger
  • CTXMS401269 / CTXMS401270

2-Front L/R Lower Control Arm

  • Mevotech’s ingeniously engineered swivel boot technology enables the ball pin to rotate independently of the boot to prevent tearing due to twisting
  • Tackling concerns of premature bearing failure in high-heat conditions, TTX patented BiMetallic technology enables ball joint with heat and wear-resistant sintered bearings to be threaded into unitized aluminum control arms.
  • TTX control arms feature a reinforced forging with filled-in recesses and additional material, effectively reducing stress on bushings and ball joints while increasing overall strength and rigidity.
  • Replacement Repel-TEK fastening hardware is included for a complete job.
  • Popular Applications: 2023-2020 Ford Escape, 2023-2021 Ford Bronco Sport
  • CTXMS401280 / CTXMS401281

3-Front Lower Ball Joint

  • Featuring the patented self-lubricating sintered Dynamic Control Bearing, TXMS50589 delivers enhanced performance under all service conditions.
  • The durable Integri-Boot with multiple lips prevents contaminant ingress, while the heavy-duty Repel-TEK formula protects the entire assembly against harmful corrosion.
  • Popular Applications: 2023-2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2023-2019 GMC Sierra 1500
  • TXMS50589

4-Tie Rod End Assembly

  • Designed with the patented self-lubricating sintered Dynamic Control Bearing which excels under high-heat and high-load conditions.
  • Engineered with an advanced boot seal design with patent-pending adaptive boot lips and locking boot technology to protect ball joint internals.
  • Improved ease of installation and alignment service with a hex forged tie rod body and adjusting sleeve. This increases working surface area for the Professional Technician.
  • Pre-assembled steering solution reduces fitting time. Repel-TEK coating protects entire assembly and makes future alignment service trouble-free.
  • Popular Applications: 2022-2015 RAM 2500, 2020-2014 RAM 3500
  • TXMS25956



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