AIA Canada Welcomes the Unanimous Adoption of Bill 29

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Jean-François Champagne, President and Chief Executive Officer of AIA Canada. Photo AIA Canada

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) welcomes the adoption of Bill 29 in Quebec, a significant step forward in the right to repair and the fight against planned obsolescence.

Quebec is now the first Canadian province to pass a law on the right to repair that includes the automotive industry. This sets an important precedent for Canada to follow and adopt a legislation that guarantees consumers the right to repair their automobiles with the service provider of their choice.

AIA Canada and its thousands of members from coast to coast have long been advocating for legislation that would preserve consumer choice and allow our essential auto care industry businesses to compete on a fair and level playing field. We are delighted to see this come to fruition today in Quebec, and remain committed to pushing for similar legislation at the federal level.

Jean-François Champagne, President and Chief Executive Officer of AIA Canada, commented on this adoption by saying, “We welcome the vision of the Quebec government that has recognized the importance of the right to repair for citizens. The inclusion of automobiles in Bill 29 is a major step towards a fairer and more transparent marketplace for consumers and the aftermarket industry, also known as the auto care industry.”

Although this crucial step has been taken, AIA Canada is committed to working with the Government of Quebec to develop the regulations that will result from this legislation to continue to protect the rights of Quebec consumers regarding auto care. We are committed to working constructively together and putting in place a regulatory framework that benefits Quebec consumers.

AIA Canada would also like to express its sincere gratitude to Mr. Simon Jolin-Barrette, Minister of Justice, and all parliamentarians of the National Assembly of Quebec for passing Bill 29 unanimously. This unanimity reflects the clear and strong consensus in favour of the right to repair in Quebec, and we are convinced that this legislation will benefit society as a whole by promoting greater sustainability and fairness for consumers.



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