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André Gamelin, Owner of Pièces d'auto Super shops. Photo André Gamelin

The importance of auto parts stores in sharing cutting-edge knowledge within mechanic networks should not be underestimated.

These companies are close to the shops and have a wealth of information and products under one roof, with the shared mission of preserving the vehicle fleet and keeping it safe.

They play an essential role in ensuring the continued existence of our shops. Not only do they sell high-tech equipment, but the experts on their teams can offer relevant information before the purchase and training afterwards.

These nationwide stores stock a wide range of products for maintaining and preserving vehicles. What’s more, they can use this experience to offer their customers top-quality parts, because they have close links with the manufacturers of replacement parts.

Based on quality

This is an extremely important factor in a context where consumers want to keep their vehicles longer. It often happens that, for weight reasons, car manufacturers, even of prestigious makes, opt to install lighter, sometimes less durable parts than those stocked in our shops.

Renowned suppliers have built their reputation on developing top-quality parts that can be offered to customers in mechanical shops. They are able to offer reinforced parts because they analyse and solve the specific recurring problems of each vehicle. We see it a lot, for example, in executive rooms.

Parts stores can share the reasons why this can be a wise choice for both the customer and the technicians who install them.

A simple example comes to mind. Have you already offered your customers top-quality windscreen wipers? For the motorist, blades coated with silicone, graphite or a water-repellent coating will represent a clear and immediate improvement in driving comfort in difficult weather conditions. The same logic applies to all categories of parts.

Keeping them on the road

Our parts shops are often the last resort for repairing an old vehicle, which is an important part of the market. This resource of parts and expertise makes an environmental contribution to extending the life of the vehicle. It’s a financially viable solution for consumers at a time when new vehicles are hard to come by, expensive and financed at high interest rates.

In short, depending on a number of parameters, from heavy vehicles to private cars and commercial or even industrial vehicles, parts stores are essential to keep your vehicle running safely and for a long time.



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