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Bosch ADS 625 Automotive Scan Tool. Photo Bosch

Diagnostic and scanning tools/solutions every technician needs.

As vehicle technology continues to advance, more and more service work is revolving around diagnostics, troubleshooting and calibrations. Today’s automotive service providers need equipment that is up to the job of providing accurate repair information that can be delivered fast and efficiently, enabling technicians to get to the heart of the problem, repair the vehicle right the first time and deliver it back to a satisfied customer.

While there are a range of diagnostic tools and solutions available today, service centres need to have a thorough understanding of their capabilities and how they will complement the business. Here, Autosphere presents a range of available options designed to help technicians repair modern vehicles efficiently and effectively.

Bosch ADS 325/ADS 625 Automotive Scan Tool

Everything the modern automotive service technician needs to diagnose, research, and repair vehicle issues can be found with Bosch’s new Automotive Diagnostic Solutions, which include the ADS 325 and ADS 625 (shown here).

Engineered and assembled in the USA by Bosch, these automotive scan tools were designed for technicians, by technicians.  Powerful software allows technicians to diagnose everything from the most basic to the most complex vehicle issues. 

Armed with repair information right at their fingertips, within the software, and online, there’s no limit to the problems technicians can solve and the time they can save.  And with an easy-to-use interface, technicians won’t waste time trying to find what they specifically need.

As vehicle technology continues to advance and grow in complexity, technicians can take confidence in having tools like the Bosch ADS 325 or 625 that are able to diagnose not only the vehicles that come into services bays today but tomorrow as well, along with unmatched service, support, information and people to help.

Both platforms include Domestic / Asian and European coverage with one single subscription.  The ADS 625 enables technicians to further expand their diagnostic capabilities with industry-leading full-system wiring diagrams and J2534 programming.



Available from MAHLE Service Solutions, TechPRO is an award-winning Italian-designed automotive diagnostics scan tool. Easy to operate, it features integrated technical information (including wiring diagrams, fault lists and status screens). Featuring a 10.1-inch touchscreen and WiFi connectivity, it offers a fast, user-friendly experience that enables technicians to quickly access diagnostic trouble codes by vehicle brand, model and category. With TechPRO, the service centre technician can quickly and easily read data and errors, via clear, concise and simple to understand displays and repair solutions.

TechPRO also offers SAE J2534 programming with PASS-THRU, plus a NEXUS-THRU option for added capability. With numerous versatile features, extensive scanning options, simple user software and a large number of interfaces, TechPRO is designed to help technicians work fast, efficiently and deliver great results.

Snap-On ZEUS+. Photo Snap-On

Snap-On ZEUS+

Designed as a super-powerful, highly capable and flexible diagnostic tool, the ZEUS+ provides a complete solution for today’s advanced automotive diagnostic repairs. A diagnostic powerhouse designed to help technicians repair vehicles faster, ZEUS+ features a 12-inch screen with full HD resolution for optimal clarity and precision.

Given that late-model vehicles are packed with data, the ability to find the right information quickly and efficiently is essential. Snap-On’s Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics allows technicians to find the data that matters. A Clearview Flag Tracker allows quick and easy notification when vehicle parameters go out of factory specifications, while also allowing technicians to back up and view that exact moment and issue. ZEUS+ also allows technicians to organize and save their work via the Snap-On cloud, with pre-scans, post-scans and data synchronized to the cloud via WiFi technology.

The scan module snaps directly into the back of the ZEUS+ unit, which also features a detachable Stylus with a built-in flashlight. The scope module is also fully detached for maximum flexibility, allowing technicians to place it on the vehicle exactly where it’s needed. A super-fast sample rate allows technicians to quickly catch intermittent issues while USB-C compatibility allows for fast charging and display output. Long battery life, fast processing and 128GB of storage make the ZEUS+ a versatile and practical solution for today’s automotive technicians. 



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