CRP Automotive’s Pentosin ATF Transmission Fluids Improves Driving Experience, Optimize Fuel Economy

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Pentosin ATF Transmission Fluid. Photo CRP Automotive

CRP Automotive offers two new, high-performance Pentosin Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATFs) for some of the most popular vehicles on the road today.

Pentosin ATF 134 FE Plus is a first-to-market solution for Mercedes Benz models from 2017-today that feature a 9-G Tronic transmission, while Pentosin ATF 64 fluid is a long-life, fully-synthetic fluid that is specially formulated to provide excellent anti-shudder performance, improving the overall driving experience.

Excellent fuel savings

Pentosin ATF 134 FE Plus is a premium performance, low-viscosity fluid that was specially developed to further optimize fuel economy and gearbox efficiency on the latest generation of Mercedes Benz 9-speed transmissions. The fluid also features low oil consumption and an optimized friction coefficient stability, allowing for extended oil change intervals. The low-viscosity formulation of ATF 134 FE Plus also delivers good low-temperature properties. Application coverage exceeds 1.4 million VIO across Canada and the United States.

Improved driving experience through science

Approved for GM (DEXRON-VI), Ford (MERCON LV), and JASO 1-A-LV vehicles, Pentosin ATF 64 features specially formulated additive technology to provide exceptional anti-shudder performance that improves the driving experience. The fluid delivers consistent, strong friction control that increases shifting performance. Pentosin ATF 64’s robust shear stability and wear protection, along with the strong oxidation performance, ensures transmissions remain clean and run efficiently.

“We’ve tested our Pentosin ATF 64 fluid in a range of passenger vehicles with nearly one million kilometres driven to ensure it can stand up to the rigours of real-world driving conditions,” notes Mark Malone, Director of Pentosin Brand, North America. “This highly-specialized fluid provides excellent application coverage for over 175 million VIO in Canada and the U.S.”

CRP Automotive offers both Pentosin ATF 134 FE and Pentosin ATF 64 in 1-litre and 5-litre packaging.

Easy Online Lookup

The Pentosin automotive fluids program features easy lookup on CRP’s online application catalogue that can be accessed through the CRP Automotive website, crpautomotive.com or Show Me the Parts, showmetheparts.com/crp.

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