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Leif Ellefsen, newly appointed Executive Vice President Growth and Strategic Partnerships at Unimax. Photo Andréanne Gauthier

Unimax recently adopted a strategic plan aimed especially in pursuing its growth in Canada while wishing to build strong and lasting partnerships with its suppliers and industry partners.

To achieve its ambitions, Unimax wishes to simplify and adapt its organizational structure by uniting talents from its two divisions, Unimax/Point S Canada and Distribution Stox, and thus build a strong and versatile team placing its customers and partners at the centre of its business decisions.

In this context and to maintain a relevant product and service offer, Unimax has decided to proceed with an organizational change and consequently, Leif Ellefsen, currently Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Distribution Stox, will take on the role of Executive Vice President Growth and Strategic Partnerships.

As part of his new role, Ellefsen will be responsible for supporting Unimax’s growth and expansion plan while enhancing relationships with various manufacturers and industry partners. In this context of a one-stop shop and an ever-changing industry, Unimax will therefore bring together expertise. Thereby, product strategy, procurement, merchandising teams of Unimax and Distribution Stox will be united and will report directly to him. Ellefsen will support the company’s expansion by creating strong and lasting partnerships.

As part of this change, Vincent Renaud, Vice President Logistics and Alexandre Lauzon, Vice President Sales and Customer Service of Distribution Stox, will report to Jean Novak, President and CEO.

In addition, Jacqueline Gravel, Vice President Purchasing and Merchandising has left the company and Unimax would like to thank her for her efforts and her dedication.


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