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Ghislaine Labelle is a professional coach, certified trainer, speaker and author. She has over 15 years of experience working with business managers. www.coachingvisionaction.com. Photo Courtesy

In this first column of a series on customer experience, I want to focus on the importance of attitude.

There are several behaviors that need to be addressed if you really want to provide your customer with a memorable experience. Let’s not forget, this customer is the heart of your company, without him, there is no business.

The starting point to engage the customer is, in my opinion, to believe deeply in their importance. The customer should never bother you. Whether it’s at the counter or on the phone, if you treat this person to their full value, they will feel it in your voice, your actions and the words you use.

Know that the words you use in a conversation with your customer only account for 7% of the impression you leave with them. The tone of your voice and especially your actions and non-verbal expressions count for much more. That’s why I always prefer video meetings to phone calls when the circumstances lend themselves to it.

We make 285 unintentional actions in our daily interactions. These gestures betray your attitude towards the person you are talking to. If your listening is welcoming, your interlocutor will feel it. This is why it is important to constantly keep in mind the importance of your customer and, above all, to share this priority with all the members of your team who will be in contact with them. Beyond words, this respect for the customer must be part of your company’s core values and those of your employees.

Building an unforgettable customer experience is all about believing deeply in it and conveying it through your words and actions. Listening to the customer, understanding their needs and how you are going to do everything in your power to meet them builds a relationship that will not only make the customer remember you positively, but will not hesitate to come back to you.



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