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Shad’s R&R supporting Muscular Dystrophy. PHOTO Shad’s R&R

CCB recently talked to Brad Shaddick, Chair of Shad’s R&R Golf Tournament to ask if anything was new in terms of the 2022 event. 

This event relies a lot on event sponsors and Shaddick was unsure of how well the event would be welcomed this year because of COVID 19 and corporation consolidations… maybe the money wasn’t available this year.

“The whole Board started to phone sponsors we’ve had in the past and we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback—some even wanted to sign up for two majors this year whereas in the past they have only had one! It was quite evident people wanted to get out and be together again and so we’re very excited about the 2022 Shad’s R&R Golf Tournament,” Brad stated.

Succession planning

There has been another change for Shad’s this year—the Board of Directors has been expanded. “The Board and I have discussed this for about three years now—we knew we needed to have succession planning in place—we want Shad’s to keep going into the next generation. Some of the people on the Board are coming up to retirement age. When that happens, they won’t have the resources or the administration help to tap into as most of these people are in a national role and currently have all this at their fingertips,” Brad explained.

Shad’s has an Advisory Committee made up of four members… and this is where the Board of Directors turned. They asked the four members if they would be willing to sit on Shad’s Board of Directors and all four said they “absolutely would, that it would be a great honour”!

Shad’s Board of Directors

And so Shad’s Board of Directors welcomed new members—Malcolm Sissmore, Delphi Technologies, Kristine Brown, Wakefield Canada, Pat Lazarotto, Trico/First Brands Group and Andrew Conner, Dorman. In addition, they asked Charlie Grant of Grant Brothers Sales to join as well. So now there are 12 people on the Board of Directors—which Brad was pleased to say, includes two ladies! Their first Board meeting brought forth many ideas on how they can make Shad’s 2022 really great!

“In addition, Stacey Lintern, CEO of Muscular Dystrophy Canada has been thoroughly appreciative of our contribution of $45,000 last year. In fact, one of the key or research doctors will be with us on the 21st to talk about the latest advancements in research towards a cure for MD,” Shaddick commented.

I would say Shad’s R&R for 2022 is well on track to again raise money for a very worthwhile cause.


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