Valvoline Canada Launches 3rd Annual Mechanics’ Month Campaign

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Industry specialists are being honoured this month by Valvoline Canada. PHOTO Shutterstock

The manufacturer of oils and car care products Valvoline Canada Corp. announced the March launch of the brand’s 3rd annual, world-wide Valvoline Mechanics’ Month.

The month-long campaign will honour mechanics in numerous countries, including Canada, where the iconic vehicle care brand operates and will celebrate their importance as knowledgeable professionals critical to keeping engines running—and people moving forward. In Canada, these industry specialists will be celebrated with social media, giveaways, and unique market-specific events to enhance consumer awareness.

“Last year’s campaign recognized the role mechanics played in keeping essential personnel on the road,” said Katie Reed Hurst, Valvoline Brand Manager, International Marketing. “Our focus for 2022 is about celebrating their significant role in keeping us all moving forward.”

Valvoline is a big supporter

Valvoline has long been a supporter of mechanics through various programs and campaigns throughout its more than 150-year history. Since the inaugural launch of the Mechanics’ Month initiative in 2020, participation has grown from 15 countries to an additional 50 expected for this year’s observance. Valvoline leadership credits Mechanics’ Month’s overall uniqueness in the category and its broad reach and relevance as catalysts for increased adoption around the world.

This marks Valvoline Canada’s second year of participation in the global Mechanics’ Month celebration.

“This initiative’s resounding success is indicative of a communal appreciation for these skilled industry workers,” added Hurst. “And with the opportunity this year for us all to follow our passions once again, we are encouraging the world to give a heartfelt thanks to mechanics as they will be there to take care of our vehicles—regardless of whatever is next.”



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