AAPEX 2021: Hella Showcases New Black Magic and Hero LEDs

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Hella’s Senior Marketing Manager, Pablo Sanchez, shows the new Black Magic LED lightbars, AAPEX 2021. PHOTO Huw Evans

During our time at AAPEX 2021, we had the opportunity to visit the Hella booth and chat with Senior Marketing Manager Pablo Sanchez.

Hella won a Best New Product award at AAPEX for its latest line of Black Magic LED lightbars and cube lights.

Originally introduced 15 years ago as high visibility halogen lamps, the Black Magic Product Line has evolved to include premium LED lightbars and cube lights.

These high quality units come in a range of different configurations—including 2.7-inch to 3.2-inch cube spotlights—as well as single and double lightbars, both in 6.2-inch flood and spot mini-light bar units, plus 20 to 50-inch slim light bars ideally suited for roof fixtures on off-road vehicles such as Jeep Wranglers.

According to Sanchez, these latest Black Magic offerings, are the first part of a new product wave for the brand and build upon the strong reputation already established by the Black Magic line.

Another key product on display this year at the Hella booth was its range of Hella HERO lights designed for first responder vehicles.

Typically, when emergency fleets, including police, fire and ambulance services purchase new vehicles, part of the upfit requires installing emergency bulbs, often by running auxiliary units and drilling into the OE light housings.

Hella has gotten around that issue by introducing the Hero set which is a first of its kind, direct installation for the factory bulbs.

“We created an LED bulb with different functions that include parking and turn lamps, as well as flashing lights and changing colours, that is perfectly compatible with the OE socket,” said Sanchez.

“It is a true fit and forget installation.”

Both the Black Magic and Hella HERO products are available in Canada.

Besides these new lights, Hella has also introduced new fuel pumps that cover 80 percent of vehicles currently on North American roads.

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