2019 Vendor Awards Announced by Bestbuy Distributors

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Bestbuy’s Award Winning Vendors for 2019 Photo: Bestbuy Distributor

Bestbuy Distributors Limited had the honour of announcing and virtually presenting their 2019 Vendor of the Year and four supplier Awards of Excellence to recipients on December 18, 2020.


Bill Hay, President of Bestbuy, stated, “These accolades are designed to officially celebrate our vendor community who are instrumental in Bestbuy’s success and growth. Bestbuy ordinarily presents these awards during our Spring Annual General Meeting gala dinner. Since that was not possible this year, Bestbuy decided on a virtual presentation as we certainly wanted to recognize our top 2019 vendors before 2020 ended.”


Awards were presented to ProMax—Vendor of the Year; Mevotech received the Cornerstone Award; the Bestbuy Partner Award went to Bosch; FCS Auto was awarded the Bestbuy Rising Star Award and the Marketing Partner Award went to Magnacharge.


Congratulations to all Bestbuy distributors award winners!

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