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AutoAide Technical Services announced that they are having great success with their web-based 2020-2021Training program and to that end, they have a lot of people coming in late to the program.

They have revised the start date for late applicants to Dec 15 2020.

There are a couple of recent developments one need to be aware of.

Mark states, “The first is that I have been contacted by Paul Jackson from the Grey Bruce area and he has informed me that he has a lot of budget money unspent at this time so there is funding available in Grey Bruce for the Training Program. Your cost per technician under the grant is $110.00 per technician for 10 classes. 10 classes for $110.00 or $11.00 per class. Our normal class cost is $65.00 per class.

Initial Cost:                                         $550.00
GOJG Reimbursement                       – $440.00
Your final cost per technician             $110.00

To apply for the grant follow this link

For Class Information and registration follow this link.

The second development that will be interesting is AARO putting together a Training Consortium whereby they will apply for the Grant on your behalf. One of the biggest reasons for not applying for the grant is the paperwork. AARO will look after the bulk of the paperwork. If one is thinking about this program they will have to act fast as there is a Nov 25th deadline to get names in for interested parties.
All one need to do is follow the link below and fill out the form.


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