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Ernst Prost, Managing Director, LIQUI MOLY. (Photo: LIQUI MOLY)

German oil and additive specialist provides assistance to workforce impacted by the Coronavirus.

When CarCare Business heard of this very positive story, we wanted to make sure we shared it with our readers.

With LIQUI MOLY’s entire administrative team essentially confined to working from home, Managing Director Ernst Prost recently announced a bonus of 1,000 Euros for each employee.

“Today, we have largely been able to ensure in all corporate areas that we are mastering this balancing act between preventive health care and continued work,” said Prost in address to LIQUI MOLY’s workforce. “Now, I can imagine that the current circumstances are not only time-consuming for you, but also involve additional financial expenditure. As a token of our appreciation, allow me to give you an extra EUR 1000 gross with your next salary payment—to a certain extent, as a financial corona consolation!”

While other companies are having to deal with short-time work or are considering making cuts, LIQUI MOLY’s Managing Director is taking the opposite approach. “The current developments are not leaving us unaffected either,” says Prost; “the economic consequences will be brutal. That is precisely why we must now do our part to solve this crisis with our brains and wits, with commitment and diligence, and definitely with courage and confidence.”

All employees worldwide are receiving the same amount for this bonus—the department manager in Germany as well as the warehouse clerk in South Africa. “In most parts of the world, the economic consequences are more severe, because the social network there is less robust or completely absent,” notes Prost. With this gesture, Prost says he wishes to set an example for the LIQUI MOLY family worldwide and also make money available to people that may need it urgently. “Besides, spending money on the economy is exactly what we need right now to keep jobs.”

Prost also says he’s very encouraged by the team spirit within the company: “It is very gratifying to see how we come closer together in such a situation, do our work unwaveringly and pull together in solidarity.”

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