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Cloyes Gear and Products has launched its timing chain water pump kits, to provide better coverage and continued service to its customers.

The Cloyes kit is engineered to aid with the replacement of worn or damaged timing chains, tensioners, sprockets, guides, and water pumps. According to the company, the new timing chain water pump kit has been released with the aim to offer professional technicians as well as do-it-yourself customers with a complete repair solution.

“The addition of chain-driven water pumps to our timing chain kits is a natural next step for Cloyes,” says Jason Thompson, Vice President of Engineering and Product Development for Cloyes. “With water pumps failing more frequently than timing chains, we’re now giving our customers the opportunity to replace these components concurrently, which can reduce comebacks and additional labour fees for the consumer.”

It is generally recommended that timing chain-driven water pumps be replaced when the timing chain itself is replaced. This helps in decreasing warranties, customer comebacks and helps maintain long-term system performance. As per data provided by the Auto Care Association, the rates for replacing water pumps are almost eight times higher than the rates for replacing timing chains. The data on replacement rates was collected on the basis of the percentage of vehicles that had a relevant part replaced or service performed during a sample year.

The first two newly released Cloyes timing chain water pump kits are designed for General Motors (GM) 2.0, 2.2, and 2.4-litre Ecotec engines, providing coverage for around 4 million vehicles in operation in North America. The company intends to bring out a complete line of additional timing chain water pump kits to cover a wide range of popular applications in North America.

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