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The March 2019 issue of CarCare Business is now available online. You can flip through it here, but first, a few words from the Associate Publisher of CarCare Business, Shirley Brown.

Show and Tell

Do you remember when your school class had ‘Show and Tell’ days?

You got up before your classmates to tell and show them something you had done, or were proud of or had done for someone else… you know the drill.

Do you know how to do your job extremely well? Is it something you could tell or show others how to do? Could you possibly show and tell someone not in the industry what you do? Could you go to a high school, talk to the students there and make them completely understand what you do in the automotive aftermarket industry and how rewarding it is? Could you do this with enthusiasm and pass that enthusiasm on to them and possibly instill in them that the aftermarket is a rewarding and challenging place to build a career?

The right story

Something to think about, eh? And I believe this is just what schools need… enthusiastic people talking about the aftermarket industry and what types of careers are available in this rewarding sector! People still seem to think that being in the “aftermarket industry” means you’re a “mechanic”. So it’s time to set the story straight and tell people what’s really involved in being employed in the aftermarket.

I believe it’s up to students to choose for themselves (not their parents) and to find out what is available in the automotive aftermarket. One student may lean toward finance and becoming an accountant, financial advisor, treasurer… the list goes a lot further than that in the aftermarket. Another student may be a leader and good at administration—there are a lot of possibilities in that field. And how about sales? Another leading contender. And that’s only a sampling.

It’s important to show and tell about all the positions and careers available in our automotive aftermarket. Get your speaking voice ready, and get into the high schools. Tell students about our industry. We need to spread the message that this is a great industry to work in and show young people the difference they can make and the rewards they can glean. Please consider doing this. Our industry needs young people to enter it and help further its existence!

Click here to read the March 2019 edition of CarCare Business

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