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Keith Gordon, Chair of Slapshots for a Cause reminds you to get your skates sharpened and your sticks taped—Slapshots is coming to town and you need to participate! This fun event raises money for the Canadian Cancer Society and you can help elevate the bar. 

So get geared up for the 29th Annual Charity Hockey Event coming to town Thursday, June 7 at the Powerade Centre, 7575 Kennedy Rd. S., Brampton, Ontario. This fun event consists of two 50-minute games. Then the winners play the winners and the losers player the losers… not that there are any!

The ice rental has generously been donated by Jan Koval—a wonderful gesture she has provided for the last 10 years. Your participation and the Sponsor a Sweater Program will raise the monies needed for this significant Charity. 

The cost is only $100 per player which includes ice time, food and refreshment… a small price to pay for a good time and a great cause. Get your skates, pads and sticks out and join the campaign to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society and have fun while do so!

To participate or sponsor a sweater, please contact Gordon at [email protected].  You can also go here.

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