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Rislone’s new Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive (P/N 34104) uses patented synthetic nanotechnology to provide engines of all ages with significantly greater protection against friction and wear than oil alone.

Test results from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) demonstrated that engines treated with this next-generation engine lubricant and oil treatment enjoyed greatly reduced wear and friction. This reduction enables significantly increased engine performance and allows vehicles to run smoother, cleaner, cooler, quieter and more fuel efficiently.

ASTM testing standards are globally recognized as a benchmark for a wide range of materials and products. Rislone Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive was tested using the 4-Ball Performance Test for Wear and Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D4172).

Results show that, when added to conventional motor oil in gasoline, diesel, turbocharged or racing engines, Rislone Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive can reduce engine wear up to 37 percent, and reduce friction up to 36 percent. Tests also showed an improvement upon synthetic oil performance, reducing wear and friction by 36 and 25 percent respectively.

Modern motor oil technology is being increasingly challenged because lubricants need to work cross-functionally with emission systems in both older as well as rapidly evolving new engines—in order to provide maximum support for mandated mileage and air quality requirements. Rislone Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive is designed to bridge this gap, working as a mediator to address the technical weaknesses and dramatically improve the performance of both older and new lubrication technologies.

“Rislone Nano Prime Engine & Oil Additive is unlike anything else on the market, and light years ahead of any oil treatment available today,” said Clay Parks, Vice President of Development for Rislone. “As vehicle lubrication requirements get more technical and increasingly difficult to maintain, Rislone is proud to deliver the cutting-edge technology our customers demand.”

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