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HELLA has substantially expanded its retail horn sales program with 24 new horn part numbers featuring new applications, OE replacements, a low cost back-up alarm, and air horn options.

The line, which now has a total of 34 retail horn SKUs, includes both blister pack and retail box additions and offers a choice of models and price points to meet a variety of customer needs, including professional technicians, high-tech tuners, custom enthusiasts, heavy-duty truckers and off-roaders, as well as general motoring consumers.

The program expansion includes new OE replacement horns and trumpets for Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Peugeot, Toyota, VW, and universal applications. New trumpet horns are available in blue, yellow, red, and red w/relay models as well as chrome, and a black set in 24V. The motorcycle line features a single HT and a set. HELLA has also added a low cost 110dB backup alarm. The air horn range has been expanded to include new single tone and compact air horns.

For cost conscious applications, HELLA has also introduced a value range for disc horns covering Toyota, Honda, universal, and 24V applications.

In addition to the newly added SKUs, HELLA’s line also showcases HELLA’s flagship high-tech horn–the HELLA Twin Supertone Horn–as well as Twin-Tone Air, Triple-Tone Air, Twin Trumpet Horn, and OE replacement Universal Disc Horns.

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