Brossard Leasing Starts the Electrification of Its Heavy-Duty Truck Fleet With GLOBOCAM and Cleo

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From l-r: Jeff Desruisseaux (CEO, Cléo), William Boulay (Rental Advisor, Brossard Leasing), Sylvain Cabanetos (Account Manager, Cléo), Daniel Duquette (Sales Director, Brossard Leasing), Marc-André Barretti (Warranty Manager, Brossard Leasing), Steve Houle (Rental and Maintenance Advisor, Brossard Leasing), Jean-Philippe Riou (VP Finance, Brossard Leasing), Jean-François Brossard (Director, Technologies and Energy Innovations, Brossard Leasing), Édouard Dalpé (Sales Representative, GLOBOCAM), Maxime Boyer (President, GLOBOCAM), Guillaume Chénard (VP, Sales, GLOBOCAM), Valérie Monette (Product Specialist, Cléo), Thierry Salem (Sales Director, GLOBOCAM), Maxime Thibault, (Mechanic, Brossard Leasing), Trancito Carrillo, (Mechanic, Brossard Leasing). Photo CNW Group/Cléo

Brossard Leasing, a leader in heavy-duty vehicle rentals (trucks, trailers, etc.) in Québec, announced a major initiative to kickstart the energy transition of its commercial vehicle fleet by collaborating with Cleo, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec specializing in customized charging management for commercial fleets, and GLOBOCAM, heavy-duty vehicle dealership and expert in electric vehicles.

This choice cements Brossard Leasing’s role as a trailblazer in sustainable transportation by offering customers a holistic solution, enabling the seamless transition to electric mobility. As part of this initiative, Brossard Leasing will make available ten electric heavy-duty trucks, including the necessary charging infrastructure, to its customers. Brossard Leasing customers, including Transport Guilbault, Les Emballages Carrousel, Groupe St-Hubert, Transport Gariépy Canada, and one of Canada’s leading health product companies, will have access to this transition to electric vehicles.

Promoting responsible energy consumption

In addition to the charging infrastructure deployed by Cleo, Brossard Leasing will also access Cleo’s smart charging management platform. This platform plays a pivotal role in optimizing truck charging, adjusting charging schedules to minimize energy costs and maximize operational efficiency. These actions will help reduce customers’ electricity bills while minimizing the impact on Hydro-Québec’s grid, promoting responsible energy consumption.

“At Brossard Leasing, we believe it is our duty to be at the forefront of positive change in our industry. We are proud to be among the first Québec companies to actively participate in decarbonizing heavy transportation. Electrifying our truck fleet is a major step in this direction,” stated Jean-François Brossard, Director of Energy Technologies and Innovation at Brossard Leasing

“Our collaboration with Brossard Leasing and GLOBOCAM is a testament to the shared commitment within Québec’s transportation community to accelerate the energy transition and promote a greener economy. We take great pride in applying our charging optimization expertise to support Brossard Leasing’s mission of making electric heavy-duty trucks accessible throughout Québec,” Jeff Desruisseaux, Cleo CEO remarked.

Guillaume Chénard, Vice President of Sales at GLOBOCAM said, “At GLOBOCAM, we are proud to play a key role in Brossard Leasing’s initiative to electrify its commercial vehicle fleet. Our commitment to energy transition and our expertise in electric heavy-duty trucks are perfectly aligned with this sustainability vision. Together, we are paving the way for a cleaner and more efficient future in commercial transportation in Québec.”


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