Adopting Smart Charging for an EV Fleet

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Managing a fleet of electric vehicles includes its share of unexpected events. PHOTO Adobe Stock

Propulsion Québec, in partnership with Hydro-Québec, shares the benefits of smart charging for an electric vehicle fleet.

When a carrier thinks about going electric, the choice of vehicles is the first thing that comes to mind, followed shortly by the installation and operation of the infrastructure to charge them.

But what about energy management? How do you ensure the reliability of vehicle charging, while minimizing the cost of electricity? The answer is to plan and execute smart charging.

The article first looks at the definition of a charging plan and a power demand. Finally, to integrate the concept of intelligence into the charging of vehicles in a fleet, the use of a software platform is essential. Platforms vary in their functionality, but the text paints a picture of the features that will give you the most benefit, including compatibility, integration and scheduling of recharges. Not to mention the famous plan B!

To learn more and read the full article, visit the Propulsion Québec website.



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