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Ford Experiments with Robot Dog Technology

These four-legged dog-like robots can sit, shake hands, and rollover. They also can perform 360-degree camera scans, handle 30-degree grades, and climb stairs for hours at…

GMC HUMMER EV to Be Revealed This Fall

GMC announced today that its all-electric super truck will debut later this fall and will begin production in late 2021. Details about the GMC HUMMER EV’s…

Telenav, Ford Navigation Tech

As the all-new F-150 pickup and Bronco two- and four-door 4×4 rugged SUVs take customers on ever more extreme adventures, Ford and Telenav are helping ensure…

DAC: Top Ten Sales 1H and Q2 2020

According to Desrosiers Automotive Consultants (DAC), The Honda Civic and Ford F-Series have long been the perennial darlings of their respective sides of the new vehicle…

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