BetterFrost Collaborates With DENSO and the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network

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BetterFrost Technology in Oakville, Ontario. Photo BetterFrost Technology

BetterFrost, a cutting-edge technology company specializing in low-energy defrost solutions, announced a new collaboration with DENSO, a leading mobility supplier.

With nearly $500,000 from the Ontario Government’s Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) R&D Partnership Fund and an additional $1.25 million in industry contribution, the project will have a value of nearly $1.5 million. BetterFrost is developing with DENSO an innovative low-energy defrost and defog system for use in electric vehicles (EVs) that will use 20 times less energy than current solutions.

“Over the last three years, our province has attracted over $27 billion in transformative auto investments by global automakers and suppliers of EV batteries and battery materials,” said Vic Fedeli, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. “This innovative collaboration between BetterFrost and DENSO further demonstrates that Ontario is at the forefront of developing the cutting-edge, next-generation technologies necessary to build the cars of the future.”

The new technology, combining BetterFrost’s expertise in energy-efficient solutions and DENSO’s deep automotive industry knowledge, is designed to enhance energy efficiency in EVs by extending their range during cold weather and reducing driver range anxiety.

Build on strengths

“We are thrilled to partner with DENSO, a true pioneer in automotive technology especially for Thermal Systems and Green Technology,” said Dr. Sameh Saad, Chief Technology Officer and BetterFrost Co-founder. “This project enables us to build on our strengths and partner with a global leader to accelerate the integration of our technology into EVs and demonstrate the benefits of a joint solution. We are excited to build and test this vehicle at our Tech Centre in Oakville, followed by demonstrations at Global Automakers and Truckmakers.”

“This collaboration between BetterFrost and DENSO is a great example of innovation in Ontario and Canada,” said Raed Kadri, Head of OVIN. “The technology that will be developed through this collaboration can play an important role in the shift towards electrification and making EVs a practical choice in all corners of the globe. The fact that this technology is being commercialized in Ontario proves that our province is leading the charge on the global stage.”

DENSO, which has produced advanced automotive components and systems for automakers worldwide for more than 70 years, has a longstanding connection to Canada. In the early 1970s, the company established DENSO Sales Canada, Inc., in Mississauga, which began as a satellite sales office and today plays an important role in how DENSO supports automaker and aftermarket customers. DENSO has also operated for more than 20 years in Guelph, where more than 600 employees manufacture advanced thermal products for major automakers. Additionally, the company collaborates with Canadian consortiums and universities to research emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.

“As a leading provider of automotive thermal technology, we are excited to partner with BetterFrost and continue our 50-year history of investment and operations in Ontario,” said Dave Korenchuk, a Director of Thermal R&D at DENSO. “The collaboration supports our Two Great Causes, Green and Peace of Mind, and furthers our development of sustainable solutions that contribute to a carbon-neutral world. By leveraging BetterFrost’s cutting-edge technology, we expect this project to demonstrate tangible benefits in extending electric vehicle range and realizing a green future.”

The BetterFrost and DENSO low energy defrost and defog solution has the potential to advance the EV industry, setting new benchmarks for energy-efficient defrosting and defogging. Stay tuned for the official launch and availability of this cutting-edge technology.



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