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M-B seamless charging across Canada. PHOTO Mercedes-Benz Canada

Mercedes-Benz Canada announced a comprehensive EV charging strategy ensuring Mercedes-EQ drivers can enjoy a clean, digitally integrated, fast and convenient charging experience, both at home and across Canada.

Together with its charging partners, Mercedes-Benz Canada is committed to raising the bar on EV charging with Mercedes me Charge, the official industry-leading charging ecosystem enabled by ChargePoint.

This will benefit drivers of the ground-breaking new all-electric EQS and other future electric mobility products.

Seamless Charging Across Canada

At launch, Mercedes-EQ drivers will have access to more than 4,900 public charging ports across Canada.

Through a strategic partnership with ChargePoint, drivers will have access to places to charge with ChargePoint, FLO and other charging providers in Canada.

An industry first, the Mercedes me Charge ecosystem can also provide drivers access to an additional network of more than 2,400 semi-public ports on the ChargePoint network residing in access-controlled environments like workplaces, shopping malls, hotels.

This will ensure that Mercedes-EQ drivers have easy access to charging stations for daily commutes as well as for longer road trips.

Coverage will continue to grow as Mercedes-EQ expands its electric portfolio.

This charging infrastructure will also serve future Mercedes-Benz PHEV drivers.

By the end of 2021, Mercedes me Charge customers will benefit from Plug & Charge functionality—allowing for a seamless, convenient charging process.

Simply open the flap, plug in and the current immediately starts flowing without any further customer interactions.

Plug & Charge will be a significant enhancement to the EQS charging feature-set.

It also allows drivers to enable charging via MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) on the vehicle’s media display, through the Mercedes me App or by using the Mercedes me Charge card.

Charging technology—convenience and clean energy

Provided by ChargePoint, Mercedes me Charge simplifies the process of finding, using and paying for charging sessions from a smartphone app and from inside the vehicle using MBUX.

Once an EQS driver creates their Mercedes me account and activates their Mercedes me Charge service.

They automatically gain access to find, use and pay for all charging opportunities available to them.

Meanwhile without having to set up an account with each network, subscribe to additional services or carry various charging cards.

Mercedes me Charge customers also benefit from the integrated payment function, allowing automatic payment.

The customer chooses the preferred payment method only once.

Customers will be able to use their Mercedes me App, in-car navigation system, or tap their Mercedes me Charge card to authenticate and pay at any of the charging stations available.

Every charging session is then automatically debited even in the U.S.


Navigation with Electric Intelligence plans the fastest and most convenient route for drivers.

It also includes charging stops, it reacts dynamically to traffic jams, changes to driving style and even how busy a particular charging station will be in real-time.

Or in advance of the trip.

A new feature of the EQS is a visual cue in the MBUX infotainment system that shows whether the available battery capacity is sufficient to return to the starting point without charging.

Customers can utilize the Mercedes me App, now with EV-specific functions in conjunction with Mercedes me Charge.

Such as a filter option that helps refine search results according to availability, access method and level of charge/charging speed provided.

The estimated charging costs per charging session along the planned route can also be calculated and reflected to the driver.

Clean energy

Green power is a significant factor in the lifecycle of an electric car as a means of avoiding CO2 emissions.

The CO2 footprint of a battery-electric vehicle is largely comprised of the energy provided to the vehicle during its use.

It is dependent on how that energy is produced.

It is difficult to discern whether a public charging station sources green electricity or electricity from non-renewable resources.

Because of this, Mercedes-Benz utilizes a proprietary Green Charging feature which ensures that an equivalent amount of electricity from renewable resources is fed into the grid for charging electric vehicles.

This creates more demand for renewable energy which promotes further development of green power sources.

Mercedes-Benz provides Green Charging at public charging points in the Mercedes me Charge network and will be an integral part of Mercedes me Charge in Canada.

In Canada, the EQS comes with three years of Mercedes me Charge and Green Charging.



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