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The BMW iX will go into production at BMW Plant Dingolfing from the second half of 2021. Photo: BMW

The iX sees BMW redefine the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV).

The BMW iX will go into production at BMW Plant Dingolfing from the second half of 2021.

The power unit develop maximum output of more than 370 kW/500 hp. That will be enough to power the BMW iX from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 5.0 seconds.

DC fast charging

The new charging technology of the BMW iX enables DC fast charging at up to 200 kW. The battery can be charged from 10 to 80 per cent of its full capacity in under 40 minutes. Added to which, within ten minutes enough energy can be fed into the battery to increase the car’s range by more than 120 kilometres. It takes less than eleven hours to charge the high-voltage battery from 0 to 100 per cent at 11 kW from a Wallbox.

The batteries fitted in the BMW iX are designed as part of a long-term resource cycle and enable a high recycling rate. The power used to produce the battery cells and the high-voltage battery as a whole come from renewable sources.

The new technology toolkit making its debut in the BMW iX provides the platform for significant progress in the areas of automated driving and digital services. For example, the level of computing power has been developed to process 20 times the data volume of previous models. As a result, around double the amount of data from vehicle sensors can be processed than was previously possible.

Fresh design for a new driving experience.

The exterior of the BMW iX represents a re-imagining of the proportions of a large BMW SAV. The BMW iX is comparable with the BMW X5 in length and width and is almost the same height as the BMW X6 on account of its flowing roofline. The size of its wheels, meanwhile, brings to mind the BMW X7.

Front end

At the centre of the front end stands the vertically emphasized kidney grille. Since the electric drive system of the BMW iX requires only a small amount of cooling air, the kidney grille is completely blanked off. Its role has duly turned digital and here it functions as an intelligence panel. Camera technology, radar functions and other sensors are integrated into the grille behind a transparent surface.

Discreetly integrated technology

The BMW kidney grille is not the only example of how shy tech has been integrated into the design of the BMW iX: other cameras and sensors are likewise positioned discreetly, the door openers are flush, the filler neck for the windscreen washer fluid is concealed under the BMW logo on the bonnet and the rear-view camera has been integrated into the BMW logo on the tailgate. The technology stays in the background and only becomes apparent as and when the relevant functions are called into action.

Interior design

A large panoramic glass roof immerses all five seats of the BMW iX cabin in light. The drive concept allows extra legroom in the front and rear, sufficient space for storage facilities, and a centre console.

The displays and controls are all stripped down to the essentials. The technology of the BMW iX only becomes visible when it is needed. The shy tech approach for the interior can be seen in a number of features, including speakers integrated out of sight, styled air vents, heated surfaces and the recessing of the BMW Head-Up Display’s projector into the instrument panel so it is almost invisible. The hexagonally shaped steering wheel and a rocker switch for gear selection.


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