Hyundai’s Fuel Cell SUVs Accumulates 17.5 M Km

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2021 NEXO Photo: Hyundai

Celebrating National Hydrogen Day 2020, Hyundai’s U.S. fuel cell SUVs, the NEXO fuel cell SUV and the Tucson fuel cell SUV, have together accumulated more than 17.5 million kms, all emitting only clean water vapor.

This cumulative distance is the equivalent of circumnavigating the Earth more than 437 times at the equator, measuring approximately 40,074 km at its widest circumference.

“Celebrating National Hydrogen Day 2020, we’re incredibly proud of our hydrogen vehicle impact in reducing harmful greenhouse emissions on our planet. As the hydrogen refueling infrastructure continues to grow, we applaud the exponential emissions reduction it will bring, resulting in a cleaner atmosphere for everyone,” said Olabisi Boyle, Vice President of Product Planning and Mobility Strategy, Hyundai Motor North America.

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