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Tracking hardware is available in three versions: portable, plug-and-play or hardwired. (Photo: WhereSafe)

Commercial fleet GPS provider develops solution for F&I.

WhereSafe, a fleet tracking technology, is making its debut on the consumer end of the auto industry. The technology is being positioned to dealers as a potential F&I sell to buyers of new and used vehicles, with the added benefit of lot theft security.

“We’ve taken a proven fleet tracking system and stripped out the complex reporting capabilities and matched it with a consumer friendly app interface that anyone can use,” says Vince Poloniato, President, WhereSafe. “This hardware can be installed on any vehicle and is portable, so it can be moved around the lot and then sold to an end customer.”

WhereSafe consists of GPS tracking hardware and a smart phone app. Tracking hardware is available in three flavours: portable (magnetic), plug-and-play (OBD2 port) or hardwired (3-wire install).

With real-time tracking it can used to track vehicles, young or elderly drivers, trailers, equipment, power sports equipment, and more. The app notifies users (the dealer or the owner of the vehicle) if a vehicle leaves a specified geographic area, or if the driver exceeds the speed limit.

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