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TADA highlights top three priorities as Ontario MPPs head back to Queen’s Park.

The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) is gearing up for a busy Fall session of the Ontario Legislature, as MPPs head back to Queen’s Park next week.

The TADA will focus on three key priorities that are crucial to help strengthen Ontario’s auto retail sector:

Passing MPP Steve Clark’s Bill 3, the Cutting Red Tape for Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. If passed, the Bill would allow auto dealers to licence and register the vehicles they sell from their dealership.

Advocating for tax relief to offset new costs to small and medium-sized business, like auto dealers, courtesy of Bill 148. The Bill will dramatically increase the cost of doing business by reforming the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act. Trillium has suggested to government that a good first step would be reducing the Corporate Income Tax rate from 11.5% to 10%.

Pushing for quicker turnaround times on electric vehicle rebates through the Electric Vehicle Incentive Program. It can take several months for dealers to receive the money owed by the government, for providing the provincial incentive amount up-front to consumers.

“With only nine months before the next election, Trillium will be putting on a full-court press on these issues to Ministers and MPPs,” said Frank Notte, Director of Government Relations, TADA. “We look forward to working with MPPs from all parties to strengthen Ontario’s auto sector. Both dealers and consumers will be well-served if the government takes our advice on these three issues that will cut red tape for both consumers and dealers and lessen the cost of doing business.”

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