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Simplicity Car Care provided Lenny Schuller with a lifestyle upgrade. Photo Jack Kazmierski

This successful collision industry professional has seen an improvement in his family life, since he joined Simplicity Car Care. 

If his wife would allow him to, Lenny Schuller would open a new Simplicity Car Care location every single year. “It’s a no-brainer,” he says. Schuller and his wife Lindsay currently own a Simplicity Car Care franchise in Cambridge, Ontario and are planning to open another location very soon. 

The automotive industry is in Schuller’s blood. “My father started in the industry in Mississauga, Ontario back in 1984,” he recalls, “and when I was tall enough to pick up a broom and sweep, I was in the shop with him. And then my first real part-time job was working with my father during the summer at the age of 15. So effectively, I’ve been in the business all my life.” 

Schuller loves what he does, and has no regrets about working hard from a young age. “It’s something I’m extremely passionate about,” he says. “I love the repair side of the industry. My dad was my superhero and it’s something I just grew up doing.” 

Eventually, Schuller set off on his own, and by 2019 he decided to open his own collision repair facility in Cambridge. For a while, he ran the business successfully on his own with his wife, but then he saw the need for a lifestyle change. 

“That’s when Simplicity Car Care came into play,” he explains. “They offered a structured business that allowed me to spend time with my family. I promised my wife that, unlike when I was younger, the business wasn’t going to consume all of my time.” 

Time for family 

Being part of the Simplicity Car Care family means that Schuller now has more time for his own family. “I can go to Disneyland whenever I feel like it, or take the kids away for the week,” he says. “And I can do so without all the stress because I know that my shop can run without me there all the time.” 

Although Schuller had options when considering which banner to run with, he says Simplicity Car Care made the most sense. “It was a no-brainer for me,” he adds. “I love their process, the company, the overall structure of it all. It’s phenomenal.” 

After looking at other options in the market, Schuller saw the calibre of the Simplicity Car Care team and was sold. He appreciates their view of the industry and their vision of the future of collision repair. 

“What I really liked about Simplicity, first and foremost, is that they’re a family business,” Schuller explains. “They were growing, and I wanted to grow with them. I wanted to be a part of this. I thought it was a really great opportunity.” 

The closer he looked at what Simplicity had to offer, the more he liked what he saw. “I looked at their model. Everything was great,” he says. “Their support systems were excellent, and they had the right people working in the right places.” 

Moreover, he says that success is pretty much guaranteed because the management team at Simplicity Car Care has figured out all the details. “Their system really does exactly what they promise, just as long as you follow the program and the structure that they’ve laid out for you,” he explains. 

Going from success to success 

Schuller stresses the fact that he did not join Simplicity Car Care simply for the money, although their system does work and it does produce financial rewards. For Schuller, this was all about freedom and the ability to take time for the more important things in life: his wife and his kids. 

“We were already operating a successful collision facility, and we always made a lot of money,” he says. “For me, joining Simplicity Car Care was all about lifestyle.” 

He credits Simplicity’s management team, as well as the rest of the staff, for their commitment and passion for the business. “Virtually every single person I’ve met going forward as we implemented Simplicity Car Care’s process has been super helpful,” he says. “They offer a lot of guidance, they have a lot of experience and the overall energy on that team is phenomenal. It’s a fantastic group of people.” 

Mission accomplished 

Schuller joined the Simplicity Car Care team about a year ago and says that his lifestyle goals have already come to fruition. “I’ve been on four vacations this year,” he admits. 

That said, he warns potential franchisees that they’ll have to get over the initial learning curve before they can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour. “There was an initial learning shock, let’s call it like,” he says. 

“When I signed up with Simplicity, I was still old-fashioned, so to speak. We were using paper invoices and work orders, and I didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broken, in my opinion. But once you make the switch to a digital workflow, you see the difference, the efficiency and how well everything works.” 

The industry as a whole is changing, and I’d rather be part of a team that is actively changing with the industry.” 

—Lenny Schuller, Owner, Simplicity Car Care Cambridge

Without old-fashioned paperwork, Schuller says he can stay on top of his business, no matter where his vacations may take him. “I can log in from my phone and see where we’re at,” he adds. “I can call in, if I need to, but generally, I have a really good grip on what’s going on in the shop, even when I’m away.” 

Step-by-step instructions 

Unlike Schuller, who spent his life in the industry, anyone can succeed in the collision repair business with the help of Simplicity Car Care’s business model. “It’s as easy as following all the steps they explain, and if you do so, you almost can’t fail,” he says. 

Implementing new processes can be a challenge, however, especially with some older employees, Schuller admits. “We had a bit of pushback from some of the older guys with old habits,” he says. “What they didn’t realize, however, is that the collision repair industry has to get better. We have to adapt and change. The industry as a whole is changing, and I’d rather be part of a team that is actively changing with the industry.” 

While the Simplicity Car Care team is dedicated to leading the industry as it changes, they’re also not afraid to try new things and experiment. More importantly, if new ideas don’t work as well as imagined, they’re not afraid to pivot in a new direction. 

“One of the things that’s unique about Simplicity is that you’ll see them changing,” Schuller explains. “They’ll announce that they’re implementing a new process or trying something new. And that’s what I love about them. It may not be a perfect process. Nothing is perfect. But they’re willing to see how they can improve things and they work with us as a team so that we can all move forward successfully and productively. They’re very fixated on making sure everyone’s happy and making a good living.” 

With a lifetime of experience in the industry, Schuller can easily spot a winning formula, which is why he’s convinced that Simplicity Car Care is leading the way into the future. “If my wife allows me, I would open a new Simplicity Care Care location every year,” he adds. “It’s a no-brainer.” The only challenge he might face is running out of places to vacation. 



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