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The 2021 Freightliner MT45 from NOVUS Glass Regina. Photo NOVUS Glass Regina

Will Brandt, a passionate and trusted name in the auto glass industry, beams with pride when discussing his 2021 Freightliner MT45.

This mobile fleet service truck has become a cornerstone of NOVUS Glass Regina’s operations, tailored to meet the evolving demands of the heavy equipment industry, and showcasing their commitment to proactive and efficient services.

For over 23 years, NOVUS Glass Regina has been leading the charge in providing exemplary heavy mobile glass replacement services. From emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances to farm machinery, construction and mining equipment, and highway semi-trucks, they cater to a diverse range of heavy equipment. The auto glass repair and replacement location has become synonymous with reliability and excellence in the field. The vehicle not only represents a significant asset to the team but also reflects their unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service to their valued clients.

The inclusion of the heavy fleet service truck has enabled them to address the growing mobile demands and cater to clients wherever they may be. “Everything we can do in the shop, we can now do on the road,” stated Will Brandt, Co-owner of NOVUS Glass Regina, alongside his wife, Jodi. “We have the capacity to service up to six heavy vehicles a day, offering a level of service unmatched in the industry.”

The 2021 Freightliner MT45 boasts a fully customized interior design. This setup empowers the shop’s certified technicians to seamlessly transport glass to their fleet accounts, guaranteeing services that adhere to the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and technological advancement.

When asked about the investment in this state-of-the-art vehicle, Will mentioned, “With custom advertising on each side of the truck, customers see us on the road and simply call us to service their heavy equipment. With the increasing demand for heavy mobile, shops are taking advantage of this proactive service, enabling them to be more efficient at their locations.”

Key Features of the mobile heavy fleet service truck include:

  • Seating for four installers, facilitating collaborative and efficient on-site work.
  • Split adjustable cut table for precision work on various glass sizes.
  • Custom sliding windshield rack for secure glass transport.
  • 48” x 60” flat glass rack for versatile handling of different glass types.
  • Dedicated workstation for specialized tasks and detailed projects.
  • Twin power inverters to meet diverse power needs on the go.
  • Exterior LED work lights for enhanced visibility during all weather conditions.
  • Exterior 360 military grade surround view for improved safety and maneuverability.
  • Custom step-up back bumper for easy access and functionality.
  • Custom installed 12-volt power supply, including a urethane heater.
  • Custom cell phone and USB chargers for seamless communication.
  • Large capacity fuel tank for extended service reach.

“I recently had the pleasure of visiting Will, Jodi, and the team at NOVUS Regina. While the vision and investment in the mobile business are certainly impressive, what truly completes the recipe is their commitment to excellence with their clients and staff,” expressed Zakari Krieger, Vice President of NOVUS Glass Canada. “Will, Jodi, the Brandt Family, and the entire NOVUS Regina team have set the bar high and built an exceptional reputation in their market and community, which resonates through the success of the business.”

For more information about NOVUS Glass Regina and its advanced heavy fleet service capabilities, please contact [email protected].


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