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New ADAS System videos on John Bean website. Photo John Bean

New videos have been added to the John Bean website to help users get the most out of the award-winning Tru-Point advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration tool.

The Tru-Point ADAS system coverage videos include topics such as the calibration procedure, radar, night vision, Lidar, lane watch, blind spot and front camera, as well as the front radar cone, front radar plate and side and rear radar.

“There is a reason why Tru-Point continues to win awards. It has so many features that help improve efficiency and performance,” said Jordan Krebs, Product Manager for John Bean. “We encourage our customers to check out these new videos. They were developed to help them reap the benefits of using Tru-Point to its full potential.”

One-step solution

A one-stop solution for ADAS calibration, Tru-Point uses highly accurate advanced camera technology, targets and top-of-the-line software to quickly uncover core ADAS-specific vehicle alignment issues, allowing users to perform accurate ADAS calibrations. Tru-Point performs a check of the ADAS-related wheel alignment values and closely monitors each step of the setup procedure, ensuring that OEM safety specifications have been met before an ADAS calibration is performed.

Tru-Point validates the vehicle’s ADAS-related alignment values, placement of the ADAS accessories around the vehicle and compliance with OEM specifications. The pointer target is used to map the precise roll and pitch of the floor in 3D space so the sensors on the Tru-Point then can tie the floor, vehicle and itself together in 3D space. This provides a unique view of the vehicle and serves to guarantee accurate placement for each of the vehicle’s ADAS components.

To learn more about the John Bean Tru-Point ADAS calibration tool, visit JohnBean.com.



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