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When life presents its unforeseen challenges, communities often find solace and strength in the power of connection and coming together.

In 2020, a tragic mass shooting occurred in Portapique, Nova Scotia, leaving a deep scar on the community and families who lost a loved one. Among the lives lost were Jolene Oliver and Aaron Tuck, as well as their teenage daughter, Emily Tuck, who was only weeks away from her high school graduation. Emily had envisioned a promising future for herself in either music or welding, a fascination nurtured by her father’s guidance and the shared moments they spent tinkering with cars in their garage.

Aaron Tuck had always intended to gift his daughter Emily a restored 1977 Ford Pinto for her eighteenth birthday. This vehicle was more than transportation to the next chapter of her life; it was a symbol of the time the duo had spent working together in the shop. Then, tragedy struck.

A wish becomes reality

CARSTAR Sydney, with its commitment to community and its deep empathy for the Tuck family’s loss, decided to turn this heartfelt wish into a reality. A past employee at CARSTAR Sydney was gifted the Pinto by the Tuck family estate to complete the restoration process.

Restoring a vehicle is a labour of love, a tribute that requires dedication, expertise, and ample resources. CARSTAR Sydney, in true community spirit, embraced the challenge with their dedicated team of technicians and local partners. Selfless vendors partners, BASF and 3M also contributed time and resources to the restoration process. The restoration became a communal effort, a way of giving back, and a gesture of healing.

This project represents more than just a restored car; it encapsulates the essence of CARSTAR Sydney’s community. CARSTAR Sydney reminds us that even in the face of tragedy, we can channel our grief into positive action. The response to this tragedy is not just about the car—it’s about the heart behind it, the compassion that fueled it, and the hope it ignites.

The collective efforts of the CARSTAR Sydney team, supported by their partners and driven by their compassion, transformed this project into something extraordinary. The newly completed vehicle was officially unveiled at CARSTAR Sydney’s fourth annual car show on August 19.

For more information, visit CARSTAR.ca.



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