Groupe Beaucage Carrossier in Sherbrooke Receives Official Certification

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Groupe Beaucage Carrossier in Sherbrooke. Photo Groupe Beaucage

The Sherbroooke, QC, location of Groupe Beaucage Carrossier has been officially certified as a Certified Collision Care Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to consumer protection.

The workshop met all the requirements in terms of tools, equipment, training and facilities for repairing vehicles to the standards of each participating manufacturer.

This certification enables the group to join a network of the world’s most competent and efficient auto body repairers. Groupe Beaucage Carrossier is now certified by Certified Collision Care Centre, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Kia, Nissan, Hyundai, Genesis and Subaru.


To obtain certification from the participating manufacturers, Groupe Beaucage had to undergo a rigorous procedure designed to guarantee its ability to adequately and safely repair new-generation vehicles. Less than 5% of the shops in the country meet the stringent requirements that lead to this certification. The Certified Collision Care Center network is made up of the best body shops in the industry, all of whom have met or surpassed the program’s eligibility criteria.

Stephane Cote, of Groupe Beaucage, says: “Our aim is to carry out repairs of the highest quality for our customers. We have therefore invested heavily in modernizing our facilities and training our technicians in the latest technologies, which has enabled us to obtain this certification.”

The criteria for certification are based on the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers. They are essential to ensure the conformity and durability of the repairs, the quality of the finish, and the integrity of the functionality, value and safety of the repaired vehicle. Since today’s vehicles are made in part from lightweight, high-strength materials and incorporate state-of-the-art technology, it’s imperative that repairs are carried out to manufacturers’ standards to ensure passenger safety and proper vehicle operation after an accident. Automakers want consumers to be able to find a Certified Collision Care Centre wherever they live, work or travel.

“Consumers need to be confident that the shop to which they entrust their vehicle has the know-how to repair it safely. Groupe Beaucage Carrossier is now a Certified Collision Care Centre,” announced Leanne Jefferies, CEO of Assured Performance Collision Care. “The company is establishing itself as the standard by which all other body shops are measured.”



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