CSN Taber Opens in Southern Alberta

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CSN Taber Opens in Southern Alberta. PHOTO CSN

CSN Taber is the latest repairer to join CSN as the network maintains its growth trajectory across western Canada.

Located 50km east of Lethbridge, Taber is home to nearly 10,000 people that now have the support of the CSN Collison Centres network to rely on for collision and auto body repairs.

A constant in the community since 1976, CSN Taber (formerly Taber Collision) has an outstanding reputation throughout their small town. “I’m passionate about what we do because when people are upset about their experience with a collision and damage to their property, you get to be a source of comfort to them,” CSN Taber manager, Trevor Ecklund said.

The operation has seen a lot of progress over the last 5-years as the team has worked on becoming more collaborative under the direction of shop foreman, Dave Sajinovic.

A master of restorations dedicated to making things happen behind the scenes, Sajinovic is always going where he is needed to ensure operations run smoothly. “Our customers know us for the quality of our restorations it’s a huge part of our reputation,” Sajinovic said.

As the industry has evolved and shifted significantly, Ecklund and Sajinovic noticed that their competition was getting more business and that joining a network was a way to stabilize traffic to the door.

From growth and succession planning to marketing and insurance support the CSN model is the ideal formula for independent locations to ease the burden of trying to get customers through the door. “The auto repair industry always keeps you on your toes, always different vehicles to work on,” said Ecklund.

With that in mind it became apparent that staying on pace with the trends would be easier within a network like CSN.

“It was definitely becoming a point of frustration for us even though everyone in town knows us, we needed the work and sometimes being an independent can only get you so far,” with consolidation abound and the strain of going at it alone becoming more punitive than positive Ecklund knew that there was only one banner for him and his staff. “We know the strength of CSN and the rest of the locations in Alberta take pride in being part of the same team, that made the choice easy for us.”

Fostering a relationship between a customer and a business is one that CSN and its location don’t take lightly.

Each of the licensees – the CSN model is not built on franchise fees but a modest licensing fee hence the name – are treated has a vested interested in the safety of their community.

CSN Taber regularly gives to charity and participates in fundraisers for local causes to help show support for their customers who for them, are neighbours.

“The way the staff at CSN Taber run the business and treat their customers makes them the perfect fit for Team Alberta,” CSN Western Sales Manager, Kari Barton said.

“We’re so happy to have them and we know that Trevor and his staff are going to thrive wearing the CSN blue.”


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