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Polyvance has announced the release of three new welding rod materials for repairing the latest plastics, to address the demands of its customers and the industry.

The company has released the R18, a polypropylene that is reinforced with 15% long glass fibre. The company notes that this material is currently used on certain radiator supports and other such support components. Available in the -04 (3/8″ wide flat ribbon) profile, technicians can use the R18 only with the nitrogen plastic welder. Polyvance is currently offering the product only in black. The company suggests repair technicians to use the product to reinforce the backside of welds on PP materials that are not reinforced. Purchase options for the R18 include the 30 ft. (part number R18-04-03-BK) and one-pound (part number R18-04-04-BK) packs.

Polyvance has also released the R20 that is a blend of polycarbonate and ABS. According to the company, this rigid plastic can be seen on some underhood support panels, as well as on automotive exterior panels. Polyvance is offering this product in white colour at present and in a -01 (1/8″ round rod) profile. Available options for this product also include the 30 ft. and one-pound packs, with their part numbers being R20-01-03-WH and R20-01-04-WH respectively.

The third welding rod material released by Polyvance is the R19, a high-density polyethylene reinforced with 15% long glass fibre. According to Polyvance, this material has not been used in passenger vehicles till date but is seen in industrial applications. Two profiles of the R19 have been introduced.

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