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PPG recently launched its “premium” ECS8X A-Chromatic Sealers for the Canadian and U.S. markets.

PPG has created its new sealers using its advanced resin technology to ensure that it provides a suitable foundation for the company’s Environ High Performance basecoat automotive refinish system.

According to the company, the new sealers contain all the characteristics necessary to provide an improved overall finish, appearance and gloss.  PPG is offering the sealers in three A-Chromatic shades—G1 white, G5 gray and G7 dark gray. These shades can be further blended into shades G3 and G6. PPG explains that the ECS8X A-Chromatic Sealers are also designed to provide better levelling and blend edge characteristics resulting in a basecoat layer with a smoother finish.

“Collision centers using the ECS8X A-Chromatic Sealers will experience a noticeable enhancement in Envirobase High Performance results,” said Tim Jones, Manager, Collision Segment, Automotive Refinish at PPG. “These easy-to-use sealers have been specifically formulated to blend into our five A-Chromatic gray shades, and to deliver a smooth surface that allows an invisible repair with minimal effort. This launch is the debut of an innovative product that, I believe, PPG customers will appreciate.”

PPG has designed the sealers such that they are ready to topcoat in 15 minutes. Additionally, paint technicians may safely use them over un-sanded OEM e-coats, sanded original finishes and/or properly prepared and treated bare steel, aluminum, fiber glass and plastic. Application of the ECS8X A-Chromatic Sealers creates a level surface and barely creates any texture in the blend edge. As explained by PPG, this results in a flatter Envirobase High Performance basecoat as compared to previous occasions. The company adds that paint technicians will be able to achieve the look of an invisible repair since the transition from sealer coverage to original colour foundation takes place very smoothly.

PPG states that the new sealer will be able to replace the ECS2X and ECS6X sealers due to the dynamic performance characteristics the new versions offer. Besides being compatible with Deltron DBC 2000 and Global Refinish System reducers in National Rule areas, the new sealers can also be used with ECRXX reducers in all markets.

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