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Glasurit, a BASF automotive refinish brand, has announced its latest addition to its undercoat portfolio—the new 285-15 (black) and 285-25 (white) DTM primers.

In a demonstration video released by the company, Glasurit suggests that the new products be used with the company’s new “state of the art” 929-385 hardener. According to the company, this will enable users to understand the enhancements added to the product lineup.

These include the following:

  • Better sprayability and flow designed for a smoother finish;
  • Faster dry time;
  • Better sandability.

Additionally, Glasurit suggests that using the 929-385 hardener removes the need to use multiple hardeners. The combination has been designed for consistency in performance on a wide variety of substrates and across all climates.

The company also states that mixing the 285-15 and 285-25 primers will enable paint technicians to obtain all L-Shade groundcoats, thus allowing for better colour match. Glasurit also suggests that it is possible to save both time and money by using L-Shade groundcoats since technicians will have to use less basecoat.

For good results, Glasurit recommends mixing the primers at 4:1 ration with one part being a reducer. This ensures that paint technicians across North America will be able to use the products with a suitable reducer, according to the company. In case there is a need for small, quick but efficient repairs when time is a critical factor, the demonstration video adds that Glasurit’s 522-20 Universal Rapid Additive could be utilized.

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