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Chief University is offering technicians who participate in specific courses the chance to secure I-CAR ProLevel Platinum credits at no additional cost.

The partnership between Chief and I-CAR, which started in 2017, helps shops reinvest funds that would otherwise go toward application fees into sending additional technicians to training courses or purchasing new equipment.

Stand-alone I-CAR credit application fees, which are in addition to course registration fees, can range from approximately $50 to $125 U.S., depending on the length of a course and the number of credits able to be earned. In the past, some technicians didn’t apply for their earned I-CAR credits because of the additional time and expense required.

Through Chief University, course participants simply provide their I-CAR number at the start of a training and Chief takes care of the rest, ensuring participants receive the individual credit they’ve earned which, in turn, helps shops earn or maintain I-CAR’s Gold Class status.

“Ensuring today’s technicians are properly trained to keep up-to-date with the changing automotive landscape is a priority at Chief University,” said Richard Perry, Chief OEM and Strategic Accounts Sales Manager.

“All of our training courses are I-CAR certified, so it just made sense to take the extra step to ensure our participants are securing their ProLevel Platinum credits in the easiest and most cost-efficient way as well.”

Chief offers structural measuring, analysis and repair training opportunities for technicians, estimators and appraisers, with a focus on hands-on experiences to ensure proficiency and profitability in repairing the broadest range of vehicles. Available courses include aluminum damage analysis and repair technology, joining technologies, structural damage analysis, computerized measuring training, and design based repairs.

In addition to helping trainees save money and secure credits, Chief also offers a voucher for a two-day Chief University training course—a $675 value—to customers who purchase specific equipment this year. Included in the voucher program are Chief’s new Meridian and TrueScan Live Mapping systems, the Chief Goliath, Impulse—Tilt or Impulse—E/VHT frame rack and the Chief MI-200T spot welder.

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