GS27 Offers New Ultra Protectant

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Recognized for providing premium quality exterior vehicle cleaning and polishing products, GS27 also has an extensive line of popular interior cleaning products, now including its new Ultra Protectant.

“GS27 Ultra Protectant is formulated to easily recondition all plastic interiors on a vehicle,” said Claire Andrieu, Communications Manager for GS27. “Easy to use, Ultra Protectant is a perfect complement to our other interior cleaning products for leather, carpet and upholstery. Whether inside or outside the vehicle, GS27 offers the premium, customized car care products to help make your vehicle look like new.”

GS27 Ultra Protectant is designed to remove dust and stains on plastic interiors and provide strong protection against UV rays. Its unique foam cap is designed to make application easy and precise. With a special formulation that will freshen up the interior of the vehicle with a pleasant passion fruit fragrance, GS27 Ultra Protectant can be used on all plastics, vinyl, imitation leather, varnished wood and leather.

For more information about the complete line of GS27 customized car care products, visit gs27usa.com

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