Polyvance Offers Upgrading Solution for Old Welders

Polyvance, in a release by the company, suggests the replacement of the nitrogen tank in its older nitrogen plastic welders with its 6066 Nitrocell generator cabinet.

The 6066 Nitrocell can be put into the space where the nitrogen tank sits on any Urethane Supply or Polyvance welder. Polyvance believes that having a generator will make it easier for shops, since all welds made by technicians will benefit from the strength provided by nitrogen welding.

Repairers are required to feed the 6066 Nitrocell Generator with clean, dry compressed air of at least 90 psi. Besides requiring no power, the membrane-style generator is quiet and promises to last as long as the input air is clean and dry. To ensure that the membrane will “go the distance”, the generator is equipped with a three-stage filtration system.

To aid repair shops in considering this upgrade (in order to take advantage of the benefits of having a constant source of nitrogen gas for the plastic welder), Polyvance has decreased the price of the 6066 generator to $2,495 USD.

Since the company introduced its nitrogen plastic welding to the collision repair industry in 2006, it has become a staple for plastic repairs with several repair shops. More of Polyvance’s customers have been purchasing welders with nitrogen generators to counter the hassles of using nitrogen tanks.

Polyvance also suggests that if the old nitrogen welders have already paid for themselves, collision repair facilities could consider purchasing a brand-new 6080-CG Nitrocell welding system which is being offered at a new low price of $5,295 USD.



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