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GM Issues Fully Subscribed Fleet Memo

Supply constraints mean orders may be delayed for fleet customers. To open, I would like to applaud General Motors for rebranding their Buick electric vehicles with…
Chris Hill fleet manager

Gas: Paying More

I recall that not too long ago, I was complaining that it cost $50 to fill the gas tank in my car.  Last week, $50 only…
Chris Hill fleet manager

Cold Weather Considerations

Canada’s winter weather will have an impact on fleet EV operation. This past winter was memorable in Eastern Canada for more snow and colder temperatures than…
Chris Hill fleet manager

Filling the Void

Finding managers today is tough and not just for fleets. My LinkedIn feed seems to feature someone saying “adieu” every week. It wouldn’t bother me but…
Chris Hill fleet manager

Electric Options for Your Fleet

For those fleets considering electric vehicles, the number of choices continues to grow. The town of Lytton, B.C. was wiped off the map by wildfire this…
Chris Hill fleet manager

Scarcity Situation by Chris Hill

It’s not only microchips that are in short supply but lumber and rubber too, all of which could prove very challenging for fleets. I still get…
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Planning for the Future of Guelph

With goals set for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its vehicle fleet, the City of Guelph is focused on long-term sustainability. Guelph, Ontario has a skyline…
Chris Hill fleet manager

We’re Coming Norway! by Chris Hill

We may have actually reached the tipping point for wider EV adoption. We’re Coming Norway was the tag line in a General Motors ad prepared for…

Process & Procedures by Chris Hill

If you love this kind of complexity, you are suited to be a fleet manager. Sometimes a picture is the best way to convey the diversity…

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