TotalEnergies Marketing Canada Extends 5-Year Partnership With Bestbuy Distributors

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TotalEnergies Marketing Canada Extends 5-Year Partnership with Bestbuy Distributors Limited, Expands Operations to Mississauga and Edmonton Warehouses. Photo TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies Marketing Canada announced the continuation of its partnership with Bestbuy Distributors Limited, esteemed independent automotive wholesalers within the Canadian automotive industry.

This renewed collaboration encompasses the integration of TotalEnergies lubricants into the warehouses located in Mississauga and Edmonton, streamlining access to products for distributors across Canada.

This strategic alliance reinforces TotalEnergies Marketing Canada’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the Canadian market by aligning with a respected automotive sector partner. This endeavor promises an elevated standard of service and proximity, complementing the brand’s renowned product quality, which is celebrated on over 160 countries.

“The experience and reputation of Bestbuy Distributors Limited in Canada in the automotive aftermarket represent considerable assets for the development of TotalEnergies Marketing Canada. This agreement will enable us to strengthen our presence within this recognized network and extend our lubricant offering to all members, while benefiting from a high-quality, responsive service. The presence of our products in Bestbuy’s warehouses in Mississauga and Edmonton will ensure the constant availability of our entire range, as well as improved delivery quality,” says Olivier Gauthier, President of TotalEnergies Marketing Canada Inc.

“We are delighted to announce the extension of our partnership with TotalEnergies, a global leader in energy solutions. At Bestbuy Distributors, we are committed to providing our network with the highest quality and value, and this collaboration reaffirms our dedication to that mission. We are excited to continue working together with TotalEnergies to deliver excellence to our shareholders and customers alike,” says Nick Brunet, President of Bestbuy Limited.


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